Zumba Classes Toronto’s 2016 Fall program starts now

Variety Is the Spice of Fitness: Diversifying Your Zumba Workout  is our goal.

We strive weekly to make Zumba fun and exciting while giving you an intense workout for your body and mind.  The New Zumba Fall programincludes new songs plus new Choreography that incorporates a towel to tone muscles using your own weight. Moves that includes high repetitions with low resistance (low weight), and short rest periods are the perfect formula for muscle toning. Yes, the towel is optional but we encourage using it during class. 

Note from Maria
There are only few months left to 2016. I personally work a little harder before Thanksgiving because I can pack weight very easily specially during the holidays. However, I am not alone. “Everyone gains weight over the holidays  Americans, Germans, Japanese,” said Brian Wansink, Director of Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, at New York in the US.   In North America, weight gain begins at Thanksgiving and peaks around Christmas and New Year’s. If you have stopped your dancing/cardio routine, let me encourage you to regain it as soon as possible.  

What kind of towel do I bring?
Please bring a medium size towel, 2-3  feet long.
What to expect? 
Nothing short of a fun, intense, exciting class. A little less high impact as we are concentrating in toning. We will be using the towel periodically during class including warm up and cool down.
Do I have to use the towel?
No, you don’t. With or without a towel you are in for a fantastic calorie burning workout.
When does it start?
As mentioned in class, Zumba Fall Program starts this week.
My membership has expired  and/or instructor is not accepting my voucher.  What to do?
Please reply to this email if you have any questions regarding your membership. Regarding voucher purchases please note that 3rd party vouchers can only be used once by new customers only. We are very thankful for the love, it makes us statically happy  but  please do support us by purchasing from our already very low rates ( link below)   If your membership is inactive for over 6 months, please purchase a new membership –>   http://www.zumbadancetoronto.ca/rates/

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