Where can i find your schedule and does it change?                                                                                                     

Our schedule does not change allowing to create a routine and us to your lifestyle. Please visit

Can I register for multiple classes?                                                                                                          

Yes you can! If you know in advance the days you will be attending, complete registration form and select the days you want to attend. The registration team will add you to the class schedule.

I have an unlimited package, how many classes can I attend?

As many classes as you wish but don’t forget to register.

How long are the classes?

This fun exercise dance  party lasts an hour .

I am not much of a dancer, will I follow?                                                                                          

  But of course! Just come with an open mind and listening ears to feel the music. You will be surprise that you had such great dancing skills. That’s a promise!

What do I expect the first day?                                                                                                          

  Expect to have a great time socializing, dancing, sweating, laughing and meeting awesome people like yourself.

What do I wear and what do I bring?                                                                                                  

   The same attire you wear to the gym. Bring water and a little towel to wipe your sweat. A smile is mandatory.